Paul Clark


Paul Clark has been involved with Jazz Education in Iowa beginning with his High School music education in Boone (Don Jackson), as a member of the UNI Jazz Band I on both trumpet and piano (Jim Coffin), student teaching under the supervision of Bob Schaeffer, and teaching Middle and High School Band in Center Point for 32 years until his recent retirement. During his tenure at CPU, his Jazz Bands qualified for the State Jazz Championships over 20 times, placing 1st in 1988.

Paul has been an active composer/arranger of educational Jazz literature for the C.L. Barnhouse Co. ( for the past 38 years. Since his first published chart in 1973, his music has been popular with directors and students alike, and many of his charts are consistent best sellers with school jazz bands at all levels of experience.

As a performer on both piano and trumpet, Paul has appeared with many great musicians and entertainers including Buddy Rich, Steve Allen, Bob Hope, John Davidson, and many others. He has also performed with numerous musical productions, and has arranged music for literally hundreds of music organizations, including the Louisville Symphony and the Texas Tenors.

Paul's work has impacted students and teachers alike, and has further strengthened Iowa's national image as a leader in Jazz Education.