Resources and Links

Classroom Resources

2020 JEI Flex Compositions
Rick Hirsch - Get the Whole Band Improvising in 10 minutes a Day! (PDF)
Bob Long Roundtable: Past, Present, Future
Bob Washut - "Teaching Beginning Improv" (PDF)
Missouri List of Recommended Literature
Paul McKee Recommended Listening
Steve Shanley IBA Clinic 2016 - Beginning Improv (PDF)
Dan Gailey IBA Clinic 2016 "Contemporary Programming" (PDF)
Steve Sveum IBA Clinic 2016 "Simple Steps to a Swingin' Ensemble" (PDF)
Tips and Tricks for Recording All-State Jazz Etudes (PDF)
Chris Merz - Clarity in the Jazz Ensemble (PDF)
Rhythm Changes Chord Tones - Concert Pitch (PDF)
Rhythm Changes Chord Tones - Bass Clef (PDF)
Rhythm Changes Chord Tones - Bb Inst (PDF)
Rhythm Changes Chord Tones - Eb Inst (PDF)
Mixolydian Scales (PDF)
Michael Mossman - "Latin Rhythm Section Patterns" (PDF)
Michael Mossman - "How to Arrange for Big Band" (PDF)
Paul Haar - "Ideas on Teaching Improv" (PDF)
Major Scales (PDF)
Bob Washut - "Jazz Piano Resources" (PDF)
Dorian Scales (PDF)
Major Pentatonic Scales (PDF)
Minor Pentatonic Scales (PDF)
Fully Diminished Scales (PDF)
Chord ID Treble Clef (PDF)
Chord ID Bass Clef (PDF)
Chord Arpeggios Treble Clef (PDF)
Chord Arpeggios Bass Clef (PDF)
ii-V-I ideas for Treble Clef (PDF)
ii-V-I ideas for Bass Clef (PDF)

Music Camps

University of Northern Iowa Jazz Combo Camp - Cedar Falls, IA
Aebersold Jazz Workshop - Louisville, KY
Reggie Schive Summer Jazz Camp - Estherville, IA
Western Illinois University Music Camps - Macomb, IL
University of Iowa All-State Music Camp - Iowa City, IA
Birch Creek Camps - Egg Harbor, WI
Simpson College Big Band Jazz Camp - Indianola, IA
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp - Twin Lake, MN
Wartburg College Music Camp - Waverly, IA
Northern Illinois University Jazz Camp - DeKalb, IL

Miscellaneous Links

Musical Playgrounds for Kids: The History of Jazz Music
Big Band’s best friend on the air
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Video Library
Jazz Radio at it’s finest
Jazz Smithsonian
The golden age of Jazz
Famous “Great Day In Harlem”
North Scott HS Jazz Student Resource Page